• Week of 5/4 through 5/10

    Algebra students, great job on everything you have done so far this year. We have gone through just about all of the curriculum for Algebra I Honors. However, we still have another month of distance learning and we will make the most out of it. In these last weeks, we are going to review some fundamental Algebra topics while getting prepared for Geometry Honors. This week, we will review and apply solving equations by learning about transversal and parallel lines. Angle relationships will be introduced and you will see how Algebra is used within Geometry. You have notes this week and a project. 


    1.)  Transversal Lines and Angle Relationships Notes: Click on the link to access the notes and read over them. You DO NOT have to print these out, just use your math notebook. Take your time in making sense of the notes. Complete this in your math notebook along with your other notes. I have provided a link to videos as supplements to the notes.

    Angles formed by Transversal and Parallel Lines


    2.) P2 Transversal & Parallel Lines Angle Relationships Project: Complete this project on transversal and parallel lines angle relationships. Please turn this assignment in via email or submitting through Google Classroom. You may do this on your own paper or electronically (such as on Word, PowerPoint, etc.)