• Marine Science Distance Learning

    Assignments are found within the textbook. If you do not have access to the online textbook, reach out to see if you can borrow one from the school.

    Chapter 18 Assignments

    Are you Learning?

    1. Page: 18-11, # 1-13
    2. Page: 18-15, # 1-6
    3. Page: 18-18, # 1-3
    4. Page: 18-30, # 1-13
    5. Page: 18-34, # 1-5
    6. Page: 18-36, # 1-2
    7. Page: 18-38, #1-3
    8. Page: 18-43, #1-7

    Study Question

    1. Page: 18-3, # 1-13
    2. Page: 18-12, # 1-6
    3. Page: 18-15. # 1-3
    4. Page: 18-19, # 1-12
    5. Page: 18-31, # 1-5
    6. Page: 18-35, # 1-2
    7. Page: 18-36, #1-3
    8. Page: 18-40, #1-7


     Ch 18 Video Quiz: A Plastic Wave-A documentary film on plastic pollution

    Link to the Video:


    Link to the Quiz:


    You may answer the questions here if you’re able to access them online. If not, I have provided them below. Please answer the questions based off the information provided in the video.

    Video Quiz

    1. How many bottles are made within a minute?


    1. What are your thoughts about the video you watched?


    1. What is typically found in the stomachs of Albatross chicks?


    1. How many tons of waste goes into the sea per day?


    1. How much plastic does India produce per year?


    1. What percent of plastic waste in the ocean comes from India?


    1. How did the man who lives by the river feel about the trash in the river? According to him, whose problem is it to worry about the trash?


    1. Many people in the video had several ideas about how to solve the plastic problem. What were some of those ideas? Provide your own idea about how the plastic and ocean pollution can be helped.


    1. What does the saying "Two hands does wonder" mean to you?






    Chapter 19 Assignments

    Are You Learning?

    1. Page: 19-6, # 1-3
    2. Page: 19-10, # 1-6
    3. Page: 19-19, # 1-6

    4: Page: 19-24, # 1-5

    Study Question

    1. Page: 19-4, # 1-3
    2. Page: 19-7, # 1-6
    3. Page: 19-11, # 1-8

    4: Page: 19-20, # 1-5

     FINAL Exam

    How to save our planet Essay

    Link to video “How to Save Our Planet”:


    This video is a great way to end our Marine Science course. In the beginning of the video the narrator askes, “How do we create a future in which both people and nature can thrive?” He goes on to explain how we got to where we are in the world and what needs to change. He even tells you how to do it. He describes a change that can help us all and 4 ways to get the best gain out of the world. An energy and food revolution, managing the ocean, and rewild the world can help us make the most out of OUR planet.

    I want you to write an essay on your ideas on how to save our planet from what you’ve learned in the course.

     I want you to answer: How do we create a future in which both people and nature can thrive?

    Use this video and the information from your text to write an expository essay.  You must cite your sources. Please format your essay into paragraphs with correct spelling and grammar. You will be graded on how thoroughly you answer the question and your supportive research. This will serve as your test grade for chapter 19.