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    Roman Colosseum Week of 4/29/20

    From now on, our weeks will run from Wednesday to Tuesday. All work will be due by Tuesday 5/5/20

    Topic: Rome, Lesson 4. The Roman Way of Life. Students should be learning about some of the greatest accomplishments of the Romans and about the way of life of the common people. 

    There are several learning opportunities in Rome, Lesson 4. I have posted several videos about Roman life as well as a Google Earth virtual fieldtrip. The graded assignment for this lesson is the Rome, Lesson 4 Google Doc Question set.  


    • Question Set, Rome, Lesson 4. This is a Google document question set that goes with the workbook pages. Access this through Google Classroom.

    Optional videos for your learning pleasure

    • A glimpse of teenage life in Rome
    • Four sister in Ancient Rome
    • Roman Engineering - Aqueducts
    • Ben-Hur chariot races video clip
    • Virtual Google Earth fieldtrip to Rome

    Later in the week, I will put a quiz up. The quiz is mandatory. 


    Go to Google Classroom to answer the daily question and then begin working. Find a time each day to log onto your MCPS Desktop and go to your Google Classroom.  Always begin in Google Classroom because there are instructions and short videos for each assignment. 

    Click here for a short video showing you how to complete the Google Document. 


    Go to Google Classroom first. If you have questions during the day, or just want to say hi, send me an email or a private comment in Google Classroom, since I'll be working at home. If you really need to speak to me, send me a phone number and I'll give you a call.


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