• For students who are unable to log into Google Classroom, this video should offer a helpful explanation. As always, feel free to text or email if you should need anything! - Ms. Ellis


    How To Switch Emails  <-- Click to watch the video (under 1 minute long)




  • Use Mark as Done button for work that you need to create and attach (that HAS NOT already been given to you to fill in) or that you need to do without turning in work.


    Example, you do research or take notes for your work and then you don't have anything to turn in. You just want to tell me that you did the assignment. Click Mark as Done. Easy!


    Another example, you have to create a new document and write something and then turn it in to me. Just click the +create, then select Google Doc or Google Slides, finish the assignment. Close the window. Then in the original assignment where you read the instructions, click Mark as Done. Easy!

  • Students should submit their work using the Turn In button, NOT by sharing with the teacher.

    The teacher already has the right to view and edit the file.