• Unit 9

    Protest Song Analysis Project


    Please Watch This Before Starting Your Project: 

    Zoom Lecture 4/28/2020

    Mr. Provost's Project Instructions


    Protest Song Analysis Worksheet -

    You DO NOT HAVE TO PRINT this, but you need to submit answers for each question on this sheet. Your answers need to be submited to me using your school email.  You can submit your answers by:

    Typing your answers into the body of an email

    Attaching your answers to a Word or Google .doc file

    Printing and filling out the sheet.  Then scan it, or take a picture of it, and attach it to an email.


    You need to do this for TWO of the songs from the list below.  If you want to do a song not on the list you will have to have it approved by me first.  Please submit your reponses to BOTH songs at the same time.  This should be completed by Tuesday, May 5th.


    Song List:

    Choose TWO of Following to Analyze on Your Own


    We Shall Overcome, by Joan Baez

    A Change is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke

    Keep Your Hand on the Plow, by Mahalia Jackson

    People Get Ready, by Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions

    Bring 'em Home, by Pete Seeger

    Alice's Restaurant, by Arlo Guthrie

    Eve of Destruction, by Barry McGuire

    For What It's Worth, by Buffalo Springfield

    Fortunate Son, Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Give Peace a Chance, by Plastic Ono Band

    I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag, by Country Joe and the Fish

    War (What Is It Good For?), By Edwin Starr


    You should take advantage of websites such as azlyrics.com,  Song Meanings and Genius Lyrics to gain a better understanding of your songs' lyrics.  In addition you should look up each song's Wikipedia page to get a full understanding of your songs' historical context.  Under no circumstances should you copy and paste anything, word for word, from any website This will be considered a gross incident of plagiarism and will be automatically given a zero with no chance to resubmit or redo. 


    This will count as your Unit 9 Writing Assignment grade.  Instead of the usual 60 point grade system each song analysis will be worth 50 points (2 Songs = Total 100 points).


    There are three examples provided below.  You CANNOT use any of these three songs.  Your answers should look similar in length, content, and sophistication to these examples. The sections that require more than a one word answer should be written in full, complete, grammatally correct sentences.  You need to ensure that your answers for the final box completely answer all aspects of the final question.  The majority of your grade will be based on your answer to this section.


    Protest Song Analysis Example #1 - Ohio, by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

    Zoom Lecture 4/22/2020

    PowerPoint Only


    Protest Song Analysis Example #2 - Mississippi God***, by Nina Simone

    Zoom Lecture 4/23/2020

    PowerPoint Only


    Protest Song Analysis Example #3 - What's Going On, by Marvin Gaye

    Zoom Lecture 4/27/2020

    PowerPoint Only