• Happy Monday!  We meet again on Distant Learning platform.  Hope this continue to find you all doing well and staying safe.  Please know if you have nay needs you can reach out to me and I will do my best to help or find someone who can help. Please call me at 352=405-2425 or email me at page.branson@marion.k12.fl.us 


    I enjoyed talking to and getting emails form some of you last week.  I need to have a weekly check in form each of you so please respond to email and or return or answer my calls.  It does me a lot of good when I get to speak to you all. 


    Last week I had some very good responses to what you remember in Kindergarten.  Thank for sharing your stories and i hope that brought back some good reflection of past experiences.


    We will continue this week with a vocabulary and reading comprehension activity. I look forward to having a conversation about this passage.

    Burger Battles

     Reading activity Directions


    Writing Activity- this is a short written paragraph that we will discuss when we have our Zoom meeting or phone conversation.  I can't wait to meet your Superhero!




     Reoccurring Activity - Choose a different Soft Skill to focus on this week!

    Remember Soft Skills are something we look at and talk about every week to help us get ready for the real world and focus on out side of just academics. Be ready to discuss this with me and or someone at home.  This will be a reoccurring activity.

    Soft Skills

    Soft Skills Examples