• Math Assignment:

    1. Portal: Think Central - Things To Do Page - GO MATH 9.4, Problem Solving: Add and Subtract Lengths. Complete and click submit.

    2. Worksheet: i-Ready workbook pages 219-220. Complete, take pictures, and send  through email.

    3. Worksheet: i-Ready workbook pages 221-222. Complete, take pictures, and send through email.

        For worksheets, please click here i-Ready Workbook pages 219-222

    ELA Assignment

    1. Phonics: Worksheet - Lesson 8.3 Page 39. Complete, take pictures, and send through email.

                       Click here Phonics Lesson 8.3 Page 39

    2. Writing: On a piece of paper, write about your favorite book. Provide details (3-5 sentences) about your favorite book.

        Complete, take picture, and send through email.

    3. Worksheets: i-Ready Lesson 22 - "Three Pigs" and "The three Geese" pages 370-372.

        Click here The Three Little PigsThe Three Geese, Compare and Contrast The Two Stories

        Read the passages, complete page 372, take a picture, and send through email.

    Accomodation for students who cannot write: Parent can type the sentences the student says into the email to the teacher.

    i-Ready: 45 minutes for Math, 45 minutes for Reading, each week. Must pass each lesson to go on the next level of skill.

    Independent Reading: MyOn - read 20-30 minutes each day. Send me the list of the books you read at the end of each week.

    Social Studies Assignment

    1. Florida Studies Weekly - Week #20 - Florida Cultures. Complete reading the article, take the test, and submit.

    Science Assignment

    1. STEMscopedia:

        A. Read: Properties of Soil, then do mini-experiment at the end called                      

            TRY NOW. Draw your set up and record your results. Take pictures and send through email.

        B. Elaborate- Simulation practice: Soil: Just a fun thing for the kids to do to learn a little about the various kinds of soil.

          Watch this videos about the Soil formation:




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