• Weekly Expectations (in addition to weekly assignments):

    • 45 minutes iReady Reading with 2 passed lessons
    • 45 minutes iReady Math with 2 passed lessons
    • 20 minutes of reading per day- MyOn, student Reader, or books from home


    1.  Read the story "The Scoop" from Kate's Book beginning opage 35 othe attached file (pg.62 of the book).  

    Kate's Book- Skills 5 reader

    Answer the questions in your journal or by printing a copy.  Questions 2-4 should be complete sentences.  Take a picture and send it via email, text, or Dojo. *

    The Scoop Questions



    2.  Read the final four stories of Kate's Book. Choose your favorite to practice reading until you can read it well.  Have someone do a 1 minute fluency test of you reading that story.  Send me the title of the story and your CWPM (correct words per minute).


    3.  We are going to try a (new to me) website for phonics.  Feel free to tell me what you think after we try it for a bit.

    Click on the link below and click the log in button.  Choose I AM A STUDENT and Enter the code ZVVKTW.  Click on Mrs. Hawkins' Class and then click on your name.   please complete the placement test.  ***Parents, please do not help with this assignment other than getting them logged in.  It is not graded.





    Math:            MAFS.1.MD.2.A - Identify and combine values of money in cents up to one dollar working with a single unit of currency.                                            

    1.  Go to Brain Pop Jr. brainpop jr 

    user name:  ocala ; password:  springs

    Click on the Math tab, then Money, then COunting COins.  Watch the video and take the easy quiz.  Send a picture of your score.  You may also want to watch the video Equivalent Coins.


    2.  Watch and complete the CPALMS video by clicking below.  When you get to the end, it will ask for "student name".  Type your name and click "done".  Take a picture of the thank you message and send it to me.  You do not need to print or download the certificate. 

    Let's Add Money #2 Using Similar Coins


    3. Click the links below for the coin test. Write your answers on a numbered piece of paper or print the pages and send me a picture by email, text, or Dojo. *

     Money Test





    Social Studies:  

    Through the portal, go to Studies Weekly.  Read the article and complete the test for Week 28: Goods and Services*


    Science:  SC.1.E.5.2 Explore the law of gravity by demonstrating that Earth’s gravity pulls any object on or near Earth toward it even though nothing is touching the object.

     Click the link below and follow along with the tutorial answering the questions as you go. At the end enter your name when prompted and send me a picture of the certificate that is generated.  You do not need to download or print the certificate.*

    What Goes Up: CPALMS


    * A grade will be entered for any assignment marked with an asterisk.