• Week of 4/27 through 5/3

    This week we will finish Unit 10. The last section in our data analysis unit is on Two-Way Frequency Tables. You will be given notes, supplemental videos, and an online Pearson Realize assignment. The Pearson Realize assignment will be the only thing you are submitting this week. If you have not done so yet, please complete the assignments from the past few weeks. I want to remind students that you are being graded on all of these assignments and if you skip assignments, your grade will be affected negatively. The activities for this week are listed below.


    1.)  Two-Way Frequency Table Notes Click on the link to access the notes and read over them. You DO NOT have to print these out, just use your math notebook. Take your time in making sense of the notes. Complete this in your math notebook along with the other notes you will have taken from mine. I have provided a video of my own in which I go over the notes. Unfortunately, it seems to have been cut off at several points. I apologize for this; as we know, internet isn't always the most reliable thing. If you have questions about any of it, please email me or post a question on Google Classroom. Supplemental links have been provided as usual if further help is needed.

    My Two Way Frequency Table Notes Overview

    Two-Way Tables using Venn Diagrams

    Two Way Relative Frequency Tables


    2.) Please complete the online Pearson Realize (textbook website) assignment CW26 Analyzing Data Review. Do all 24 questions. As with most of these online assignments, you have unlimited attempts at these questions so you will be graded based on what you earn when you submit it.