• Grades are based on the mastery of theFlorida Standards as well as defined by the State of Florida.

    ž100%-90%   A

    ž89%-80%    B

    ž79%-70%    C

    ž69%-60%    D

    ž59%-  0%    F


    žReading and Language Arts

    v20% foundational skills

    –spelling, reading fluency, phonics

    v40% comprehension

    –county FCAs, text analysis, selection tests, vocabulary

    v40% communication

    –writing assignments, including journals, in all subjects, listening, speaking, grammar, penmanship


    v50% assessments

    –county learning checks, Go Math resources, teacher generated tests

    v20% Participation

    –Kick starts, daily learning experiences, i-ready goals

    v30% class work and practice

    –Go Math practice pages, math journals, performance tasks



    v40% assessments

    Standards checks, stemscopes assessments, projects, teacher generated tests

    v40% science notebook

      Observations, diagrams, vocabulary, experiment   notes, etc.

    v20% classwork/participation

      Science dailies, worksheets,   stemscopes

    žSocial Studies

    v60% assessments and projects

    v40% class participation.