A student reached out to me stating that they have been involved with automotive related tasks at home. The student then asked if this work could serve as extra credit. I indicated that video evidence of the work would be required.


    I have a video grade rubric I will modify to accommodate our circumstances, should any of you decide you want to submit a video for extra credit. I will accept one video per week. Each video must be between 2-3 minutes in length and must be an instructional video. In other words, you must explain your task just as if you were teaching the viewer. The rubric checks for video quality, student presentation, student knowledge, and instructional accuracy.


    Here is a JTECH student talking briefly about JTECH and the videos he is required to do: https://youtu.be/vYqQTknLt1s. In a second video, he demonstrates how to check an alternator: https://youtu.be/lDgrO5NRNcY. Be creative and use whatever you have available to you. Be certain to follow all safety requirements. For example: do not submit a video without safety glasses on where safety glasses should be worn, make sure hair, jewelry, and loose clothing are secured, etc.


    You may discuss and instruct those topics related to your class level. For example: Level 1 students might demonstrate and instruct fluid level checks and/or adjustment, tire tread checks and inflation, finding information in the owner manual, etc. Level 2 students might discuss and instruct bulb replacement, speaker repair or replacement, etc. Level 3 students might discuss and instruct, steering, suspension, or brake related matters, and Level 4 students might discuss and instruct engine performance and HVAC concerns.


    Use good judgement, stay safe, stay within your level, and have fun. Remember, this is EXTRA credit, meaning all assignments must be completed to receive extra credit. You may check my teacher home page for a general guide as to what each level discusses. As the JTECH student indicates in his video, this is a great way to sell yourself when it comes time for job interviews, so I encourage you to create your own YouTube channel and simply provide me with the link. You may also submit (drag and drop) your video on CDX in Course 0 by selecting the link at the top of the Course 0 page, keeping the video size to 50MB or less. However, you may also email your completed videos to me at Vincent.annese@marion.k12.fl.us with a reduced size of 34MB for Outlook online. Smart phones typically have a video setting that allows video recording at lower resolutions automatically for easy upload to any online environment...