• Week 4 Tasks 4/20- 4/24:   

    30 mins of IReady ELA (weekly, not daily)  *MCPS District adjusted the time limit for kinder*

    30 mins IReady Math (weekly, not daily)

    20 minutes daily reading (can be MyOn, books you have at home, books on Starfall.com, youtube read alouds)


    Social Studies

    Task 1: 

    1. Studies Weekly- week 28 "Consumers and Producers". Read through the digital article (it will read it to them). Go to students desktop and click e-textbooks at the bottom.  Then click on Studies Weekly icon and then click Social Studies

    2. Goods & Services worksheet   Goods and Services (email to me)



    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Umq76iNkhx0    (always be protective and present when viewing youtube links)



    Task 1:

    1. Studies Weekly- week 2 "Things Can Change". Read through the digital article (it will read it to them). Go to students desktop and click e-textbooks at the bottom.  Then click on Studies Weekly icon and then click on Science OR use the PDF version below:



    2. "Change It" - You can do this activity with either a piece of paper or some clay/play dough.  Explore to see how many ways you can change the paper or clay.  For example:  cut it, crumple it, fold it, rip it, roll it, etc.  Find as many ways as you can. 


    3. Things Can Change Worksheet   Things Can Change (email to me)



    Task 1:

    Skills 9 Reader - Zack and Ann    Zack and Ann    Read the story "Bug and Frog".

    Click on the link to answer the questions.  Be sure to answer the questions in complete sentences.  If you can't print out the worksheet, you can just answer the questions on any paper you have at the house.

    Story Questions - Bug and Frog   Send me a picture of this task


    Task 2:

    SmartyAnts (computer program found on portal) - 30 mins 

    username: jessicacicione

    password: student number

    *nothing to email to me


    Task 3 (Writing):

    We will make a writing notebook.  You can use a spiral notebook, a journal, loose paper stapled together basically anything your families have available on hand. It is so important that we continue writing daily just as we would each morning at school. Kinders, you know the drill...date at the top, write to the prompt, illustrate and color a picture to match what your wrote about.  You should write daily, however I will provide 3 journal prompts. I will need 1 scanned or emailed to me weekly. I am specifically looking for the date, multiple sentences about the prompt that are in students handwriting, use of caps and punctuation and an illustration to match.  Parents- give feedback and guidance after they have completed their writing, help them to sound out words but don't just tell them.  Have them read what they wrote to you. Praise, Praise, Praise them and this will hopefully help combat frustration and tears. Writing is hard, but it is essential :)

    Prompt 1- Tell me 3 ways you clean your bedroom.

    Prompt 2- What would you pack to go on a camping trip?

    Prompt 3- Would you rather take a vacation to the beach or the rainforest?  Why?


    Math *We are finished with shapes and moving onto non-standard units of measurement



    Task 1: The goal is to explore measuring height and length using objects around the house (nonstandard units).

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPEcTmySUIs Sid the Science Kid video clips introducing measurement


    1. Measure the length of your bed using your foot.

    2. Measure the height of your kitchen table using a book.

    3. Measure how long a room in your house is by using your body.

    4. Measure how long your arm (or a family members) is using a Lego or a kitchen spoon.

    5. Choose an item (pencil, crayon, block, shoe, etc.) to measure how long your couch is.

    Height = how tall or short something is

    Length = how long or short something is

    Email me the results please


    Task 2:

    Log on to your Marion portal. Click etextbook at the bottom of your desktop page. Click on "Think Central" tab. Once in think central click on interactive student edition GK tab. Then click on Lesson 11- Measurement. Complete lesson 11.3. 


    Problem Solving Quick Check (review) - email to me please



    Task 3:

    IXL - click on kindergarten, go to Measurement and do lesson 1 and 2

    https://www.ixl.com/math/kindergarten   click here and then enter username and password (student number, student number)


    Optional Songs To Help With Review:

    Addition Songs With Jack Hartman:




    Subtraction Songs With Jack Hartman: