• Week 3 Tasks: 4/13- 4/17  

    45 mins of IReady ELA (weekly, not daily)

    45 mins IReady Math (weekly, not daily)

    20 minutes daily reading (can be MyOn, books you have at home, books on Starfall.com, youtube read alouds)

    Social Studies

    Task 1:

    1. Studies Weekly week 12 "Needs and Wants". Read through the digital article (it will read it to them). Go to students desktop and click e-textbooks at the bottom.  Then click on Studies Weekly icon. 

    2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnGdINoo5eE    (As always, monitor your child while they are using the internet especially YouTube)

    3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-k-nKtQ2Baw

    4. Go around the house and discuss what needs and wants are around your home. Some items fall into both categories. 

    5. Worksheet:  Need or Want  (email to me)


    Task 1:

    "Finding the One!"  Go on a rock, leaf or stick hunt in your yard.  Collect some of these objects. Think of different ways you could sort your objects.  For example, first you might sort them by size, then you might sort them by color or texture.  Can you think of any other ways to sort your finds?  Now choose your favorite object!  Draw a picture of your favorite object and label the picture with words that describe your object (rock-gray, smooth, rough, little, etc.).  Then write a good sentence about your rock. For example, "My rock is gray and smooth."  Check your sentence to make sure it begins with a capital letter, has spaces between the words, ends with a period and makes sense. Send me a picture of this!

    Optional links that the kids will enjoy: 

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veUUii1U8-o  good examples of sorting

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh-VtSNK5Ag  "Grandma's Buttons" (a read aloud about sorting)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZYnERZe3Cg  Higher level, but good info


    Task 1:

    Skills 9 Reader - Zack and Ann       Read the story "A Gift for Mom."

    Click on the link to answer the questions.  Be sure to answer the questions in complete sentences.  If you can't print out the worksheet, you can just answer the questions on any paper you have at the house.

    Story Questions for "A Gift From Mom"    (email the story questions to me)

    Identify sentence that matches each picture, students should sound out words/phrases indepenednetly. Don't read it to them please. 

    CKLA 15.1  (email practice page to me)

    Task 2:

    Dictation practice: Using scratch paper, have your child sound out and write these words and sentences.  Once they are finished, go over with them.  Encourage a capital at the beginning, finger spacing, all lowercase letters unless it's the beginning of the sentence/ proper noun, puncuation use. 

    1. The crab snaps at the frog.

    2. The shop had a red dress.

    3. Can I get a pet rat?

    4. It is a fat rat! (say this with expression, so they will use an exclamation mark)

    Have your child generate rhyming words verbally for the words listed below:  (this is done verbally, nothing to turn in)

    jump ____, _____

    crab ____, _____

    dress ____, _____

    pet ____, _____

    rhyming word game- thumbs up/ thumbs down


    rhyming word songs- Jack Hartman 



    **Be present when your child is using the internet/ you tube 

     Task 3 (Writing):

    We will make a writing notebook.  You can use a spiral notebook, a journal, loose paper stapled together basically anything your families have available on hand. It is so important that we continue writing daily just as we would each morning at school. Kinders, you know the drill...date at the top, write to the prompt, illustrate and color a picture to match what your wrote about.  You should write daily, however I will provide 3 journal prompts. I will need 1 scanned or emailed to me weekly. I am specifically looking for the date, multiple sentences about the prompt that are in students handwriting, use of caps and puncuation and an illustration to match.  Parents- give feedback and guidance after they have completed their writing, help them to sound out words but don't just tell them.  Have them read what they wrote to you. Praise, Praise, Praise them and this will hopefully help combat fustration and tears. Writing is hard, but it is essential :)

    Prompt 1- Write about what you can do when your bored? Atleast, 2 things or you can make a list.

    Prompt 2- Write about a book you have read this week. (favorite part, was it sad, funny or educational, favorite character, where was the setting of the book, etc.) 

    Prompt 3- Tell me what you had for dinner last night? Did you like it? Was it your first time trying this food? Did you help prepare the dinner? 


    Task 1:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRoJ5E-Xx9s  (addition youtube songs)



    Addition review, email back to me


    *If student struggles, give them manipulatives such as pennies, crayons, Legos to help solve addition problems

    Optional: Additional practice pages just to keep those skills sharp, do as needed, doesn't need to be returned to me 


    Task 2:

    "The Greedy Traingle"

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Xm3McQ6upw   (listen to the read aloud) **nothing to email back to me

     “Quadrilateral” is not a word kindergarteners need to know, but if they can identify that a quadrilateral is a square or rectangle, that is supporting future math vocabulary.

    Task 3:

    Log on to your Marion portal. Click etextbook at the bottom of your desktop page. Click on "Think Central" tab. Once in think central click on interactive student edition GK tab. Then click on Lesson 10-Identify and describe Three Dimensional Shapes. Complete lesson 10.6. Once completed, do these 3D shape sort activity pages. (email shape wksts to me)