• Week 2 Tasks 4/6-4/10:           

    45 mins of IReady ELA (weekly, not daily)

    45 mins IReady Math (weekly, not daily)

    20 minutes daily reading

    Social Studies: 

    Task 1:

    Studies Weekly week 16 "Let's Review...Maps, Landforms, Timelines, Needs and Wants". Read through the digital article (it will read it to them) and then teach your child their phone number and address.  Make sure they know what city, state and country they live in. (Go to students desktop and click e-textbooks at the bottom.  Then click on Studies Weekly icon.) SS.K.G.2.1

    Please have your child practice writing their address and phone number on the following paper:

    https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/static.studiesweekly.com/online/resources/panels_media/FL0+Q2+OTE+%28dragged%29001.pdf    (email/scan to me)

    Here is a list of suggested MyOn books you can read with your child that aligns with these standards. (located on student desktop in MyOn tile) *Optional

    • Types of Maps- Jennifer Besel
    • What is a Map?- Jennifer Besel
    • Compass Roses and Directions- Jennifer Besel
    • Maps: What You Need To Know- Linda Brennan
    • Earth- Martha Rustard
    • Up North and Down South: Using Map Directions- Doreen Gonzales



    Task 1 (CKLA Skills 9): 

    Skills 9 Reader - Zack and Ann       Read the story "Fix That Ship."

    Click on the link to answer the questions.  Be sure to answer the questions in complete sentences.  If you can't print out the worksheet, you can just answer the questions on any paper you have at the house.  Story Questions: Fix That Ship    (email the story questions to me)

    Practice reading tricky words -   Tricky Word Practice

    Review the /sh/ /ch/ /qu/ /th/ diagraphs with your child, view link below 


    Dictation practice: Using scratch paper, have your child sound out and write these words and sentences.  Once they are finished, go over with them.  Encourage a capital at the beginning, finger spacing, all lowercase letters unless it's the beginning of the sentence/ proper noun, puncuation use. 

    1. The fish swims in the pond.

    2. My dad chops the log.

    3. Can I jump on the bed?

    4. Do not yell at my dog! (say this with expression, so they will use an exclamation mark)


    Have your child generate rhyming words verbally for the words listed below:  (this is done verbally, nothing to turn in)

    fish ____, _____

    chip ____, _____

    lake ____, _____

    wing ____, _____

    rhyming word songs- Jack Hartman 



    Task 2 (CKLA Knowledge 10):


    Click on the link, Do adventure 2, watch all video clips, click on Activity Page and have student complete the activity. You should see 4 boxes where they will draw. If you are lacking access to a printer, just have child complete assignment on regular paper.  Scan or email finished assignment to my email (jessica.cicione@marion.k12.fl.us) You can also click "Student Support" to extend the activity with your child (I recommend doing this).  LAFS.K.RI.1.1

    Task 3 (Writing):

    We will make a writing notebook.  You can use a spiral notebook, a journal, loose paper stapled together basically anything your families have available on hand. It is so important that we continue writing daily just as we would each morning at school. Kinders, you know the drill...date at the top, write to the prompt, illustrate and color a picture to match what your wrote about.  You should write daily, however I will provide 3 journal prompts. I will need 1 scanned or emailed to me weekly. I am specifically looking for the date, multiple sentences about the prompt that are in students handwriting, use of caps and puncuation and an illustration to match.  Parents- give feedback and guidance after they have completed their writing, help them to sound out words but don't just tell them.  Have them read what they wrote to you. Praise, Praise, Praise them and this will hopefully help combat fustration and tears. Writing is hard, but it is essential :)

    Prompt 1- Would you rather eat a cupcake or an ice cream cone (OR NEITHER)? Why?

    Prompt 2- Write about a book you have read this week. (favorite part, was it sad, funny or educational, etc.)

    Prompt 3- Write about 2 ways you can be a good citizen (helper) at home. 


    review 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and counting by using these links (Jack Hartman songs- do more, your kids love them!)




    Counting to 100 by 1's, 5's and 10's with Jack Hartman:




    Task 1:

    3D Shapes powerpoint 

    Use the Shapes Powerpoint to review and practice shape identification. 

    Task 2: 

    Draw and cut out different 2D shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, hexagon, trapezoid,octagon) Create a shape monster using the shapes you drew. Glue/ tape your monster onto a piece of paper and label each 2D shape. Email a picture of your assignment. Make sure your name is on your paper. 

    Task 3:

    2D Shape Review

    Click the link and everything should be there. 

     Science: Task 1:

    What is the world made of?  This is a read aloud about the three states of matter.  After listening to the story, students should write their name on a sheet of paper, and fold their paper into thirds.  Students should then label and illustrate the three stages of matter.  *Take a picture or scan your completed assignment and email to me.

     what is the world made of