• Hello Busy Bees!  

    What you will find on this page are optional skills that are based upon your iready data that you are having trouble in. 

    You will also find very important skills and standards that you need to master in second grade as well as third.

    As I mentioned earlier, these skills are optional and if you would like extra practice!!!


    All  Busy Bees 

    Reading Strategies

    EE-Prefixes and Suffixes

    FF-Compound Words





    All Busy Bees

    Operations and Algebraic Thinking

    E.15,E.16, E.21,E.23,F.11,F.12,G.10,G.12,G.15,G.17,H.9,H.11,L.3,L.10,L.11



    IXL Certificates:

    Math         100 Social Studies Questions


    Achievement Summary