• Welcome PLATO Students!


    During this time of Distance Learning, you have the opportunity to continue working through PLATO to make up credits.  As you work through your PLATO lessons, make sure that you are taking copius notes during the tutorials.  When you get to a Pre-Test, Mastery Test, or a Post Test; call me on my Google Voice number at (352) 388-1251 for me to open the test for you.  When you complete the assessment, call me back so that I can lock the test back. If you have any questions while working through the system, you can call your guidance counselor or myself and we will help you with any issues you may have.  We are all here for you and we know that you've got this!


    Follow these links for some helpful documents for navigating the PLATO Website.

    PLATO Step by Step

    PLATO Tutorial Video