Ms. Gauthier



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Gauthier

In 2017 I retired from the United States Coast Guard where i spent 20 years protecting the worlds oceans and those that sail on them. I was fortunate enough to travel all around the Pacific Ocean on board the only 2 heavy icebreakers the United States owns. I was on the POLAR SEA right out of bootcamp and was able to visit Japan and Russia while the ship was working with the Japanese and Russian Navies on how to respond to oil spills in the ocean. I have been as far North as Nome Alaska and as far south as the Ross Sea in Antarctica. I was on the POLAR STAR when I went to Antarctica to open a channel so that the supplies needed for the researchers that live there all winter could be delivered. We stopped in Hawaii, Sydney Australia, Hobart Australia, Chile, Peru, Mexico and San Diego on the trip. My main job was to work with the scientist that were there to conduct experiments and to provide weather forecasts for the Captain and helicopter pilots on board. 

I love to travel and have been on every continent except for Africa and to all 50 states. I enjoy visiting new places experiencing the culture and checking out the local amusement parks. I have been to amusement parks in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and all across the United States. In Singapore there is an entire island that is nothing but amusement parks, thrill seeking rides, shows, and enterainment.