• Welcome Saddlewood Families!

    Reading and learning are passions for all of us and we hope to share some of that passion with all of you. We believe high expectations lead to high learning gains for all students. Below are a few tips and websites to help you support your child while we are using distance learning.

    - Make reading for 20 minutes a part of your daily routine. Try new ways to enjoy reading, such as reading aloud to one another, reading in a new place, or choosing a book to read as a family.

    - Here are some strategies to help make the best of your time reading with your child: www.k12reader.com

    - iReady is a great way for your child to practice skills they need outside of normal instruction. iReady uses a diagnostic test to determine areas of deficit and works to fill the gaps in knowledge using a specialized learning path. Marion County district guidelines recommend 45 minutes a week in reading and math for 1st through 5th grade and 30 minutes a week in reading and math for Kindergarten. Students should successfully complete 2-3 lessons a week in both subjects.

    - Marion County’s “Community Reads” site is updated each month with a variety of activities and strategies based on the Florida State Standards by grade level. Community Reads - Marion County Schools

    - Accelerated Reader tests are available from home now! Please go to https://hosted257.renlearn.com/72115/ to take test. Your child’s username is their lunch number and their password is their birth month number and year (For example: December 2012 would be 122012).

    - MyOn is available on the student desktop and has over 5,000 books free to students! Students can choose from a wide variety of fiction or nonfiction texts, including their favorite fairy tales, how-to books, and math books!

    - Speaking of math, manipulatives are an important part of math practice that can be difficult to replicate at home. Cereal, uncooked beans, and marshmallows are perfect for counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division practice. If you are working on place value, pretzel sticks, licorice, straws, toothpicks, or other long stringy items are great for representing tens.

    If you need support in helping your child at home, please feel free to contact us by clicking our names below.

    Content Area Specialist- Literacy: Danielle Ramage

    Content Area Specialist- Math: Heather Crimi

    Intervention Teacher: Ciera Paton