• Math/ Science Assignments

    for April 20 -April 25


    Monday- Joining and Separating Angles



    Tuesday- Angle/Geometry Review

    • Assignment-Work on Geometry Map Project
    • IXL Math-AA.6, AA.7, AA.8 (5th grade)
    • IXL Science- Start M.1-M.3


    Wednesday- Angle/Geometry Review

    • Assignment- Work on Geometry Map Project
    • IXL Math-CC.2 and CC.3 (6th grade)
    • IXL Science- Finish M.1-M.3


    Thursday- Angle/Geometry Review

    • Assignment- Complete Geometry Map Project
    • IXL Math- CC.13 and CC.14 (6th grade)
    • IXL Science- N.1-N.3


    Friday- Make up day

    • The project is the only assignment due this week
    • All IXL work due by Friday
    • 46 minutes of iready Math due Friday

Geometry Project

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