• Iready:

    You need 45 minutes in Reading and Math each week. 


    Select a topic on something you would like to know more about. (Example: animals, people in history, etc.) Use the Project as an example. 


    Social Studies Weekly 19- Celebrate America

    If you have not completed  Weekly 13 yet, do so first. 

    1. Read and answer the Coin questions as well as the Think and Review Questions. 



    Go to Stemscopes on your portal to complete the following:

    Read the Properites of Soil.

    Multiple choice assessment. 



    Big Go Math book pg. 442-444. If you do not have this, you can go to Think Central to access the Student Edition textbook. You can also use the YELLOW Box that is called INTERACTIVE STUDENT EDITION. 

    Tues- 4/21-5/3: Workbook lesson pg 209-210

    Think Central Assignments on Portal:

    1. MD 1.1 Assignment 

    2. Chapter 8 Test

    3. 9.1 Measure with a Centimeter Model