• The Week of April 20-24 List of Assignment

    Math Assignment:

    1. Portal: Think Central:  Interactive Student Edition Go Math Lesson 8.5 - Problem Solving: Add and Subtract in Inches. Do your best to  complete each lesson and submit.

    2. Worksheet: i-Ready pages 215-216

    3. Worksheet: i-Ready pages 217-2018

         For the worksheets, please click here i-Ready Math Worksheets Pages 215-222

         NOTE: Pages 219-222 is for week April 27 - May 1 Assignment.

          *Take pictures and send them through email.

     Portal: Complete the i-Ready Math at least for 45-minutes. Have paper and pencil to solve each problem before you pick an answer.

                          Do your best to pass each lesson.


    ELA Assignment:

    1. Worksheet: Phonics - PP. 3 Page 223, click here Phonics PP.3 Page 223

    2. Narrative Writing: What is your favorite animal? Write about your favorite animal and provide details with 3 to 5 sentences.

    3. Worksheet: i-Ready Lesson 19 "Earwigs" page 312-313. Please click here Lesson 19 "Earwigs" pages 312-313

          *Take pictures and send through email.

    Portal: Complete the i-Ready Reading at least for 45 minutes and do you best to pass each lesson.

                          If reading a passage, read carefully at least twice.

    Accomodation for students who cannot write: The parent can type the sentences the student says into the email to the teacher.


    Social Studies Assignment:


    1. Portal: Florida Studies Weekly Week #13 - Changes for American Indians. 

                    And complete "Our Trip to America" worksheet.

                    Click here:  Our Trip To America worksheet.


    Science Assignment:


    1. Create a rock tower! Look for rocks that can balance on one another. Check out and record their properties.

         *Take a picture and send it in through email.

       Portal: On STEMscopes, take the Multiple Choice Assessment and click the submit button.


    Special Area : P.E. this week

    Go to Coach Moyer's website or click below and print for P.E. Log Assignment, initial, and turn in to Coach Moyer.

                               Please Click here P.E LOG April 20-24


     Note To Parents/Guardians: Please use this check off list to keep track of your child's completed and submitted assignments:

                       Please click here Assignments Check Off List 

                                  Check Out The Resources Page!