• P.E.


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         The students' first assignment for P.E. was to complete week 1 of the PE Activity Log (for the first week they had PE), and their second assignment is to complete week 2 of their PE Activity Log (for the second week they have PE). The activity log was emailed to all students and it is also available on Coach Suver's website. Just write down any activities they complete each day and email me that.

         The P.E. scheudle for distance learning is:

    Week of March 30 - April 3: KG & 1st Grade

    Week of April 6 - April 10: 2nd & 3rd Grade

    Week of April 13 - April 17: 4th & 5th Grade

    Week of April 20 - April 24: KG & 1st Grade

    Week of April 27 - May 1: 2nd & 3rd Grade

    Week of May 4 - May 8: 4th & 5th Grade