• Expectations for distance learning:


    Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, around 8:30am,  I will post a video lesson to the tabs "Periods 1 and 6" and "Periods 2,3,4,5". These videos will contain the necessary vocab and explanations needed for each student to complete their assignments. 

    Students are expected to do the following tasks: 


    1. Watch the video, with the corresponding date, posted under the tab for their period. 

    2. Take notes in their notebook along with the video. Students can pause and rewind the video if they need time to catch up. 

    3. Once the lesson is finished, students must log on to Khan Academy and complete the assignment that I have assigned for that day. Assignments on Khan Academy are due an entire week after they are assigned, and they are submitted automatically through Khan Academy. 

    Students do not need to email me pictures of their notes. Students only need to email me completed assignments if:

    - the student is unable to access Khan Academy or if they have no internet at home, which means they have to print their notes and assignments.


    Printable notes and assignments are located in the tabs "PDF Notes PDs 1 and 6" and "PDF Notes PDs 2,3,4,5"

    All students are welcome to utilize the notes and assignments in this tab. However, as long as they are completing Khan Academy, they do not need to turn anything in to me from this tab. One again, the only students that should email me pictures of their assignments are students without access to Khan Academy.

    Of course, students can email me with questions about their assignments! If you send me a screenshot or picture of a problem that you're struggling with, I can respond with a video explanation of it.