Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) is a school wide discipline system for creating positive school environments through the use of proactive strategies that define, teach and reinforce appropriate behaviors. PBIS is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis and is a proactive approach to establishing supports that:

    •Improve the social culture needed for all students in a school to achieve social, emotional and academic success
    •Makes challenging behavior less effective, efficient and relevant.

    At the beginning of the school year and right after each long break, such as winter break, students are provided instructions on each guideline in each area of the school/community. Instruction includes examples and non-examples of the expected behavior. For example, students are shown what it looks like to be responsible in the hallway (walking directly to and from destination), and what it looks like to NOT be responsible in the hallway (running or stopping to look in each window of classrooms as walking to and from destination). Students earn "PESOS" for good behavior and they are able to spend the "PESOS" in the school store and other fun events throughout the school year.  http://go.kickboardforschools.com/LP_Q217-03_MKT_paid_pbis-playbook?utm_source=adwords-search-tofu-pbis-behavior-support&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=positive%20behavioral%20support&matchtype=b&device=c&gclid=CjwKCAjwmf_4BRABEiwAGhDfSbKt4q0zEIb7eMA2Q6DdZVG2GX7ucyKTW0gpEhkohQJb5nBjIOyL2RoCGAQQAvD_BwE


    Social Emotional Learning

    Social emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which boys and girls and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for being a healthy adult. This includes problem-solving skills and intergender communication and understanding, as well as teaching kids to embrace diversity and build healthy relationships that will last well into adulthood.

    Our school district adopted the Sanford Harmony program for all schools to use.  Sanford Harmony is is a social emotional learning program for Pre-K-6 grade students designed to foster intergender communication and understanding, connection, and community both in and outside the classroom and develop boys and girls into compassionate and caring adults. Teacher teach classroom lesson during social studies and at the start of the day.  It begins with a morning meeting the students have to build a community within the classroom.  https://www.sanfordharmony.org/


    Soft Skills

    Our school teaches soft skills which are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, and attitudes. In addition, students learn problem-solving skills, teamwork and critical thinking skills also provides an opportunity for students to be successful in a new area, therefore having the potential to boost their confidence and ability to connect with and lead groups of peers in activities.

    Soft skills are the other nonacademic skills students acquire to help them succeed in life. They often include social emotional skills, critical thinking skills, and skills that facilitate positive interactions with others and the ability to overcome challenges. https://learnwelleducation.com/the-importance-of-teaching-soft-skills-in-todays-classrooms/


    Peer Medication (New this School Year)


    What is peer mediation?

    The goal of the peer mediation program is to have children help other children work through typical recess conflicts and disputes.  The helping children, known as Peer Mediators, are volunteer 4th and 5thgraders who have been specially trained in mediating disagreements. The Peer Mediators are not “bosses of the playground” nor are they referees. They do not intercede when they see children playing and do not break up fights.  Instead, children who are having an argument or disagreement themselves choose to seek the Peer Mediators out for help. The Peer Mediators, working in teams of two and identified by their bright orange vests, listen to both sides of the story and work to help the children themselves peacefully and logically resolve their issues. There is no finger pointing, no “he’s right and he’s wrong.”  Everyone has a chance to state their case and work towards a logical resolution of the problem.  This is truly a “kids helping kids” program.

    How do we understand conflict?


    • Conflict is a disagreement between two or more people or groups; it is not necessarily good or bad, it is merely a fact of life.
    • Conflict can be handled in productive or destructive ways.
    • Conflict can result in higher achievement, greater creativity and better relationships.
    • Conflict can be positive.
    • Ignoring conflict does not make it go away. Fighting usually makes it worse.
    • Negative conflict hurts people. 

    Who are the student mediators?

    The Student Mediators have attended special classes in learning what mediation is, and how to make it work for their fellow students and themselves.  They take their jobs very seriously.  The Peer Mediators will always work in teams of two during lunch recess and will rotate shifts throughout the week.  They also attend meetings to talk about how their jobs are going and how to do even better.


    Student Council Leaders 

    ​Student Council is a student group dedicated to social and school community activities of the student body

    Grade Level Representatives- 1 per class (4th & 5th Grade) 


    Goal for the Year: to create a community that values academics, social interaction, pride and service.

    What We Do: the Romeo Student Council represents the voice of our students. We help organize community service projects, arrange school wide activities, and provide input on school decisions.

    We Seek to:

    • build school pride
    • encourage positive relationships with the school
    • provide opportunities for students to cooperate and participate in school activities

    We Focus On:                    Character, Leadership, Service, Advocacy, Engagement, School Improvement

    Committees Include:        Playground Peacemakers/ Conflict Resolution
    ​                                             Inclusion
    ​                                             Romeo/ PBIS
    ​                                             Community Service
    ​                                             Make a Difference/ Anti-bullying
    ​                                             Personal Pride
    ​                                             Appreciation/ Welcoming Committee/ New Student Tours
    ​                                             Event Volunteers/ Greeters- Formal Affairs-                        Parent/Community Mtgs…