• I will be posting at least 2 assignments per week, sometimes more. These assignments will be posted to Google Classroom. All academic communications and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

    The classroom codes for each of the periods are:


    Period 1 (Practical Arts) - 7jqyts2

    Period 2 (Practical Arts) - vdbaxmc

    Period 3 (Financial Literacy) - tkfxky4

    Period 4 (Practical Arts) - lhomfup

    Period 5 (Practical Arts) - wlhkrs5

    OJT (All periods of OJT) - hhy7bzd


    OJT: Your assignments (the weekly schedule you need to turn in) have been uploaded throughout the end of the school year. Read what I wrote on the Google Classroom Stream in regards to not having a job or reduced hours during COVID-19.


    All other classes: Your assignments will be posted weekly.