• There are multiple ways you can reach out to me :)







    You can call or text me at this number.

    This is my official phone number (created using Google Voice) that I will be using in order to stay in contact with students and/or parents. I am using this number since I am not in my classroom and therefore do not have a work phone where I can be contacted.

    I will not answer calls made after 4:00 pm. Please send me an email if it is after this time.



    I occasionally send out blast messages on Remind. To be in the group that receives these messages, text the following codes to 81010.

    For OJT messages:  @OJT1920x

    For messages about my Financial Literacy course:  @FiLit1920x

    For messages about my Practical Arts course:  @PrArt1920



    Here is my Personal Meeting Link:


    I am very new to Zoom but if someone would like to speak with me this way, I can be available to do so. Please call or text me to schedule a meeting.