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    Nature Mandalas - Zanita Hendry

    Nature Mandalas

    This week's lesson is Shapes & Patterns.

    Students will be making beautiful nature mandalas.

    1. For this lesson, students will go outside in a safe area for a nature scavanger hunt. Students should look for a variety of shapes and sizes of natural materials to use to in making a mandala.  Examples:  rocks, leaves, flowers, chips of wood, feathers, sticks, and blades of grass.  Only pick up safe objects, stay clear of animals and three-leaf plants, if you have poison ivy in your area.
    2. Once you’ve collected your items, it’s time to make your mandala. Remember that a mandala is a circle so, if you need to, draw a circle in the sand with a stick or make a circle out of any of the items you found on your nature walk. This can help you keep the form of a circle, but it is not necessary.
    3. Organize your materials by “alike” items. Place one object in the middle like a stone, flower, or pinecone.
    4. Start building your mandala with repeated patterns that radiate outward until complete.  Remember to use symmetry and balance. (What you do to one side, you also do to the other.
    5. GREAT JOB! Take a picture and send it to my email address!  I can’t wait to see your amazing creations!
    Author: Zanita Hendry   
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    How to Make a Paper Spinner (click here) - Zanita Hendry

    How to Make a Paper Spinner (click here)


    1.  Color the spinner template that was sent in your packet. Color the image and the background (different colors).

    2.  Cut out the circle templates, then use one if them to trace a circle onto a piece of cardboard. (Ask an adult for help with scissors, if needed) 

    3.  Cut out circle from cardboard. (Ask an adult for help with scissors, if needed)

    4.  Glue your colored templates onto each side of the cardboard.

    5.  Poke two holes into the center, use the marks that are on the template.  (Ask an adult for help, if needed)

    6.  Push string in one hole and then out the other hole.  Tie ends together on one side to make the loop and start spinning.

    7.  Time to clean-up and have some fun!



    Author: Zanita Hendry   
    Length: 4:45
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    Found Object Color Wheel (click here) -

    Found Object Color Wheel (click here)

    Instructional Packet 2

    Activity 1 - See lesson options under lesson tabs

    1.  Find atleast 2 (you can find more) objects from around your house in the following colors:

         Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Purple (Violet)

    2.  Arrange objects in the order of the color wheel

    3.  Take a picture and send to Ms. Z

    4.  Clean up



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