• Make 24 Extra Credit.


    • To earn the extra credit, you must submit your answer no later than the given due date and time.
    • Before you provide the answer, READ the delivery instructions and you must follow it precisely. They vary per problem.
    • You also need to search for and/or solve for and find the missing information, if any. Look for the hints within the problem.
    • You can earn 5 points per problem but you must follow all the instructions.
    • Look for the Make 24 Extra Credit daily


    Today’s Make 24 Extra Credit

    • Is due no later than Friday May 26, 2020 at 3:00 pm hours
      • 1st number is: 1
      • 2nd number is: 3
      • 3rd number is: 7
      • 4th number is: What is my Google Voice number? Add the numbers and subtract 43 from the answer.
    • Delivery instructions: Email me with the subject "Make 24".  Provide my Google Voice number, The missing 4th number and then the solution to make 24.