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    Final Days: May 18.  No new assignments.  All makeup work must be turned in by May 22.  You no longer need to check in if you have finished all of your work.

    See you at Graduation 2020!

    Mrs. Peters

    Week of May 11- May 15.

    Remember, there are no new assignment because you only have four assignments per nine weeks for this class.  Do remember to check in for attendance.  Any late assignments must be turned in by May 22 to get credit.

    Assignment #4: Due May 8, Friday (Two weeks)

    Weeks of April 27- May 8, 2020

    In a paragraph, write the most memorable occurence from all of your years in school.  It can be based on elementary or highschool; it can be curricular or extra-curricular; it can be comical or tragic or strange or wonderful.  It cam be anything that you deem the most memorable of all.  Just keep it classroom appropriate.  Enjoy completing this assignment; I look forward to reading them!

    This will be the last official assignment that you must complete for Genera Paper (Whoooh, Hoooh!).  Remember, you only have four per nine weeks for this class.  However, you must keep checking in twice a week for attendance. 




    Assignment #3

    Week of April 20- 24.

    Your senior year has had a drastic change.  As a senior, what do you most regret about not being able to finish your senior year on campus?  Explain why you feel this way.  Your answer should be in a brief paragraph.

    Don't forget that you need to contact me two times per week in some way (email or assignment).

    Miss you,

    Mrs. Peters

    Assignment #2

    Week of April 13- 17.

    I have been given permission to make your assigments more enjoyable to complete.  However, simple as they may seem, you must complete them so that you can get a passing grade in AICE General Paper.

    Also, you must check in with me 2 times per week (separate days) for attendance.  This is mandatory for all classes.  Your assignment will count as one time and a simple email with 'here,' will count as number 2 check-in.


    Okay, so here is ...

    Assignment #2.  In a brief paragraph, explain what has been your most positive experience since you have been participating in online schooling and explain why.  Your answer can be based on any experience that you have had- not just school experiences.  Remember, this is a brief paragraph- not an essay.


    Miss you,