• Student Expectations for Google Classroom and Zoom

    Ms. Ellis’ Physical Science Class


    Google Classroom

    • Students should log into Google Classroom at least once a week (preferably multiple times a week as announcements are posted throughout the week).
    • New assignments are posted on Monday at 9:00AM and are due no later than Friday 11:59PM every week.
    • Not every assignment will be graded; however, all assignments should be completed as it will enhance the student’s learning experience in this class.
    • Students should read the Stream tab and then click into the Classwork tab to see their assignments.
    • Students should answer the Question of the Week and then go to the appropriate week to complete that week’s assignment.
    • ALL COMPLETED WORK AND ASSIGNMENTS SHOULD BE TURNED IN OR MARKED AS DONE. (Students should click the button next to the instructions for each assignment to do this.)
    • Just as in our physical school classroom, we follow the BIG 3 even in our online classroom - We do our best, we do what’s right, and we treat others the way we want to be treated.

    I have read and I agree to the expectations for conduct in Google Classroom.

    Student Electronic Signature: ____________________________________

    Zoom Video Meetings

    While all Zoom video calls are optional and not required, students who choose to participate MUST follow the below guidelines:

      • Click the link provided by Ms. Ellis at the time set for the meeting.
      • Students should type in their correct first and last name into the name box.
      • Anyone who does not provide an accurate first and last name may not be allowed into the Zoom meeting.
      • Students should open their camera to allow Ms. Ellis to verify that it is actually the person that they claim to be (even if they later choose to turn off their video).
      • Students must not use any inappropriate language, make any inappropriate or distracting noises, and must not use any inappropriate gestures while on the Zoom call with our class.


    • Students who choose to engage in these behaviors will be removed from the meeting without notice and will not be allowed back in during that meeting session. Their parents will also be notified of their behavior.



    I have read and I agree to the expectations for conduct in Zoom video meetings.

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