How to Log Onto Google Classroom

  • The first grade team has set up a Google Classroom account for all of our students.  Here, you will be able to access and submit your child's assignments electronically.  To access Google Classroom, just log onto your child's MCPS Desktop from, just like he/she does for iready.

    At the bottom of the page, you will see a menu bar.  One of the items on the menu is "Google Apps."  After clicking on "Google Apps," click on the tile that says "Google Classroom." You should see a tile that says either "Mrs. Smith's Classroom" or "Mrs. Emrich's Classroom." At the bottom of the tile, you should see a blue box that says "Join." Once you click that button, your child is automatically joined into our class.  Mrs. Shaw made a tutorial video of this process, and I have included the link below if you need help.  

If you need help with Google Classroom, please view the video below.

How to Access Assignments on Google Classroom

  • To find assignments for the week, click "Classwork" at the top of the page.  Here, assignments will be listed.  You will see that either Amy Shaw, Amy Emrich, Audrey Kernan, or Shari Smith will post assignments.  This is because we are all working together to create assignments for the different subjects.


    Assignments will be posted either Sunday night, or Monday morning for the coming week, and will be due the following Sunday night.

What Types of Assignments Will We See?

  • Some of the Assignments listed in Google Classroom are videos to watch or links to activities that are on your child's MCPS Desktop Portal.  


    For example, some daily math assignments  just include directions where the students will go to ThinkCentral on their desktop portal and participate in actviities that will help teach the new concept of the week.


    Other assignments can be completed right in Google Classroom.  They include forms that students will complete and submit by clicking the purple button that says "Submit."


    Social Studies assignments have a link that will take them directly to Studies Weekly, which is also in their portal.  Here, they will read an article about social studies topics,  answer questions, and take a test by clicking the blue "Take Test" button on the left hand side.


    The science assignments include directions to access Stemscopes, which is another program on your child's portal.  Here, your child will watch a video and read information about science topics, then will take a test to see what they have learned. 


    Finally, reading assignments include a mixture of videos to watch, books to listen to, and activities that they will have to submit.