Welcome to week 2 of Distant Learning! I hope you had a good week this past week.  I enjoyed Zooming with some of you and talking to others.  Please know I will continue to upload activities on Monday and will be calling you mainly on Thursdays between 9:30 and 1:30.  Some of you have specified a different time and I will continue to try you at that time.  Please know I am here for you all and if you need anything you can email me or reach me through my phone number -352-405-2425

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    I have uploaded a new activity for you this week.  Figurative langrage helps with all aspects of language -both your usage of it and your understanding of it.  I chose Spring Idioms to be a short activity.  It targets expressive/receptive skills, vocabulary, and written expression.  IF you are working on Speech sounds or fluency you can record yourself reading these idioms or you can talk to parents and get them to rate your speech. 

    Spring Idioms


    Oral and written expression activity.  This is an activity that looks at vocabulary, oral expression, written expression, grammar through recall, explaining, describing, and asking. If you are targeting speech sounds, highlight your sound and read aloud to someone or record on your phone and play it back and write down any words you need to practice and we can discuss when I call you.

    Make Lunch Count



     Reoccurring Activity - Choose a different Soft Skill to focus on this week!

    Remember Soft Skills are something we look at and talk about every week to help us get ready for the real world and focus on out side of just academics. Be ready to discuss this with me and or someone at home.  This will be a reoccurring activity.

    Soft Skills

    Soft Skills Examples