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    Reading Assignments

    Reading 1

    Read Zack's New Pet in  Zack and Ann

    Answer Zack Gets a Pet Questions in your notebook. Please send a picture to Ms. Newman for a grade. send picture

    Reading 2

    Watch https://jr.brainpop.com/readingandwriting/comprehension/compareandcontrast/

    Reading Comprehension Game

    Draw a picture of two vegetables that are the same color, but look different in other ways in your notebook. 

    Reading 3


    Complete Word Segmenting Practice  with a parent.

    Math Assignments

    Math 1

    Sorting Activity


    Math 2

    Directions for the Math Activities: 

    1. Go to your child's Student Desktop (portal) MCPS Desktop
    2. Click on the bottom-eTextbooks
    3. Click on Think Central
    4. Click To Do
    5. Click on the hyperlink in blue under the assignments
    6. Complete the lessons and don't forget to click DONE at the end of each lesson
    7. I will be able to see the work that you have completed


    Math 3

    Topic: Identify & Classify

    Focus Standard: MAFS.K.MD.2.3- Classify objects into given categories; count the numbers of objects in each category and sort the categories by count.

    Learning Goal: Goal # 1: I can classify objects into given categories (color, shape, size, etc.)

    Goal # 2: I can count the number of objects in each category.

    Goal # 3: I can sort objects into categories.


    Watch the video: sorting and counting objects for kids (youtube)

    Find a group of objects (15 objects) around your house and sort them by color (for example, red and blue). 

    On a page in your notebook, sort them be color into 2 columns.  Label the columns. 
    Draw your objects (we can draw circles (counters) to represent the objects).  

    Count your objects in each category and write the total at the bottom. 

    Discuss your work with a parent. "There are ____ red objects. There are ____ blue objects. There are more/less of the ____ objects.

    Social Studies Assignments

    Students will log onto their Marion County Student Portal. MCPS Desktop Click on Social Studies Weekly Social Studies Weekly  (if its not on home page, click on textbooks at the bottom of the page). Then click on kindergarten. SS Weekly K

    Select Social Studies Weekly Number 29-  Jobs People Do  https://app.studiesweekly.com/online/publications/137946/units/138434#/articles/146736

    Read the SS Weekly (click on black box for it to read to child)

    Have your child answer each multiple choice question on the bottom of the page to collect coins. 

    Read Social Studies Weekly 30- Jobs at School  https://app.studiesweekly.com/online/publications/137946/units/138437#/articles/146513

    They will read the SS weekly (click on black box for it to read to child)

    Have your child answer each multiple choice question on the bottom of the page to collect coins.

    I will be able to view scores, so they will get credit for doing their work.

    Science Assignments

    sc.k.9.1- Recognize that the shape of materials such as paper and clay can be changed by cutting, tearing, crumpling, smashing, or rolling

    Activating Strategy

    physical changes song

    Discuss vocabulary: physical changes vocab

    Physical Change Experiment This can be completed with a piece of paper or playdough. Your child can write answers in his/her notebook. Please send a picture for a grade. send picture

    Music  Music

    Art  Art

    PE  PE