• Here we are in another week of Distant Learning!  I hope you all continue to be safe and healthy.  I am here if you all need anything.  I will be trying to email and call each of you again this week some time Monday - Wednesday between 9:30 and 3:30.  If you need me please call me.  352-405-2425.  Mrs Branson


    To open the activities click on the blue highlighted title below and the activity will open.


    I have attached a page that has a basic scene on it and then there are questions that are to be answered.  This is a great way to keep up with answering wh-specofc questions.  Get your child to ask you two question about the scene as well.  Again, these are basic but they get the practicing across.

    Wh- questions Brushing teeth scene


    Here is an activity that ties in with Mrs. Byrd's vocabulary words for this week. Answer these questions using this weeks vocabulary words after you have watched her power point and done her activity.

    Week 2 Vocabulary Activity


    Have your student practice making sentences that make sense and have the correct grammar structure.  This does not need to be a writing assignment.  This can be done verbally.  Also, make sure your child uses their good speech sounds and volume so that you understand each word in the sentence.

    Finish the Sentence


    April 13th was Make Lunch Count Day.  Here is an activity that requires your student to describe, recall and explain.  Again , make them use complete sentences, not one word answers. Make them use good speech sounds and volume when answering so that you can understand each word.

     Make Lunch Count


    REPEAT Activities---

    This activity is about our children being able to give basic information.  This is so important for safety as well as future independence employability.  This will be an ongoing activity to keep them practicing these skills.  IF they do not know them we will focus just on one each week. 



    Finally, here is a little game to play.  This is making sure our students answer and ask the correct question -wh-questions can sometimes confuse our students.  So use this to play a game and have a little fun while learning at the same time.

    Question Game


    Here is a social story on the Coronavirus IF you need to or want to use with your child.  It might help to give them something to see and hear that they can understand.  Others of you have said you had had too much about that so know this is just an option.

    Coronavirus Story

    Addition CoronaVirus Picture Story