• Instructions for Google Classroom:

    1. Login to your Student Desktop
    2. You should see Google Apps tab at the bottom of your screen
    3. Once you click on this, you will see an icon titled Google Classroom
    4. Click on Google Classroom, and this is where you will be directed to login to your Google account
    5. The email you will use is the one sent to your Class Dojo, and your normal login password--you can also find your email address in the upper right-hand corner of your Student Desktop page (firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net) You must type out your full email address for the login to work
    6. Once you login to your account, it will ask if you are a student or a teacher, which you will select "Student"
    7. Then you will see an arrow in the upper right corner of the page that says, "Join your first class"
    8. Click on the + symbol, and a pop up will ask you for your teacher class code
    9. Ms. Ehmann's class code is: emo7er7
    10. Once this is entered, you should be automatically joined into my class!
    11. Feel free to explore your page, and you may post in the "Stream" if you want to share anything with the class
    12. The "Classwork" tab at the top will have the assignments that must be completed (see Assignments on my Teacher Website)