• Shout Outs for..



    *Good Choices at Home                                     Shout Outs

    *Good Choices Online

    *Completing Assignments

    *Responding to my challenges

    Students and adults...send me the names you want shouted out and why.


    Congratulations to second grade panthers who have completed assignments!! I love visiting your Google classrooms and seeing your work!


    Shout out to Nathan for solving a Inky Pinky and sending it to me. WooHoo!!


    Shout to all the Panthers who have visited my site. Come again soon.



    Shout outs to Maddison, Raziyah and Riley for joining Mrs. Bennet's meeting! I loved seeing you!


    Hey 2nd grade! Woohoo!! You are doing great with IReady. Keep it up!


    2nd grade teachers, you are amazing!


    Raise your hand if you had a birthday this month......Well..Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to you!!



    Shout out to students who are showing their teachers that they appreciate them. It is National Teacher Appreciation Week. How about saying thank you to your teacher during one of your Zoom meetings or on Google Classroom?


    5/6 Happy Birthday Peyton!!



    Congratulations to all of our 5th grade students. You are about to be middle schoolers. We are making plans to celebrate you on May 27th. Check your teachers' websites for the details!


    Shout out to Mrs. Ewart. She has a new baby girl..our newest Panther.




    You did it!

    I am so proud of you.

    It was great to see you during the graduation parade.

    Shine on in middle school.

    Remember...be safe, be kind, and make good choices.