• Late Work Policy

    When work is done late, it loses its value as a learning opportunity because it is no longer aligned with what's happening in class.  In addition, the student misses out on timely and quality feedback he/she would be getting on these assignments.


    Never the less, if you would like to turn in a late assignment, email me from your Marion County Public Schools (MCPS) account.  Include the following information in the subject line: your class period/assignment title/assignment due date (E.g: 3rd Period/MitosisMover!/12.08.2020).  In the body of the email, or as an attachment, you will include the completed assignment along with an explanation as to why the assignment was late.  If the assignment has a tangible portion, you will drop it off in my classroom after emailing me. 


    If you need to make up an assignment that requires access through a specific program, you will email me from your MCPS account.  Include your class period/assignment title/due date within the subject line.  In the body of the email, explain why you were unable to complete the assignment on-time and offer a time frame of when you will be able to get the assignment done.


    Honesty is preferred.  Sometimes, we forget stuff, or miss due dates, or just goof.  Be honest with me and yourself.  I am here to help. 


    You may include any additional information in the body of the email.