• MCPS Handbook for Distance Learning 
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    ABC's of Online Learning
    ONLINE STUDENTS: (Syllabus)

    A. Attendance -
    Be on time to online class (ZOOM or Teams)
         1. Attendance is taken 1st; don't get marked tardy;
         2. If neccesary, and possible, log on before class starts and wait
         3. If, for technical reasons, a student is unable to get into the TEAMS meeting,
             they can still send text messages through TEAMS. 
         4. During class, you might lose a WiFi connection or for some other reason leave TEAMS, 
              don't worry or panic, just get back in as soon as possible. Use the lesson Agenda to know
              what the class is doing. 
         5. You ARE expected to be in class for the entire duration of the class.
         6. Parents should respect your class time and not use students to do personal errands.
              Remember, treat class time as if you/they were in school. 
    Online students may participate in afterschool on campus clubs and sports 
         Assignments - PowerPoints and Word documents must be submitted ("Add work") through TEAMS, not emailed. 
                               - Many assignments are completed using Apps such as Nearpod, Quizlet, Quizizz, and Flipgrid.
                                 Make sure you are signed into these apps for the correct period (See sign up page)
         Picture day
        Asynchronous -
    Work completed on the student's own time

    B. Bathroom -
     Go whenever you need to go but do NOT go during the first or last 5 minutes of class.
                           Also, send an individual chat message saying that you are going to the Bathroom,
                           and another message when you returned.

        Bell work - Completed within the first minutes of class
    C. Communicating 
        1. Do not dominate any discussion. Give other students the opportunity to join in the discussion.

        2. Do not use offensive language. Present ideas appropriately.
        3. Be cautious in using Internet language. For example, do not capitalize all letters since this suggests shouting.
        4. Popular emoticons such as ☺ or animated gif's can be helpful to convey your tone but
            do not overdo or overuse them.

        5. Avoid using vernacular and/or slang language. This could possibly lead to misinterpretation.
        6. Keep an “open-mind” and be willing to express even your minority opinion. Minority opinions have to be respected. 
        7. Think and edit before you push the “Send” button.Do not hesitate to ask for feedback.
        8. Communicate personal needs - Personal, academic, etc... Use chat feature/email/texting teacher 
        9. If you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed or upset - send the teacher a private chat message.
        10. Answer when called upon. Remain in the class meeting for the entire period of class.
      *11. Speaking etiquette:
              a) PLEASE...one person at a time should speak (don't speak over each other). 
              b) Don't speak out loud things that are not pertinent to other classmates (ex. "I'm hungry")
              c) When you are not speaking to the class, please be on "mute".
              d) PPT on Reducing Chat Pollution and Background Noises  
        12. If you need to use the rest room - send a private chat message to the teacher saying you are
              leaving to the rest room (do not ask permission), and another message when you return.
        13. If you feel sick, let a parent know and inform the teacher. If it requires you leaving the class,
              send the teacher a private chat message. 
        14. Do NOT send TEAMS messages when you are supposed to be in another class and I am teaching
              in another class. This is the same as interrupting a teacher's class. 
              You can send me TEAMS messages after school, of course.

    Communicating with Mr.Q through School Email, or sending TEAMS messages.
    I teach in the evenings as well, do NOT call after 6pm. Also, avoid messages on weekends. You may text or email but understand that I may not be able to respond right away or until the next day. If you are struggling to understand an assignment, chat me in TEAMS and either I will explain it or invite to you a ZOOM video conference to help you. Best way to communicate with Mr.Q is through the TEAMS chat (but see #14 above)

    D. Daily Agenda/Order 
     1. Bellwork and attendance
              - Students will be appropriately dressed, visible, well-lit and have no inappropriate backgrounds
         2. Lesson introduction & key question (see the website Agenda at the beginning of every class).
             - DO NOT be doing other things or get distracted while instructions are being given at
                the beginning of class.

             - I will NOT repeat the directions. If you miss something, wait until the directions are finished and
               write questions in the Chat section (you can use the individual chat).
             - Do NOT interrupt when instructions are being given. Look at the Chat section for instructions too. 
             - You can also look at today's Agenda and follow it. 

         3. Discussion - your participation is key to both your understanding and helping others with similar questions.
         4. Online lesson activity - if needed, request assistance from the teacher via chats so that we don't interrupt
              other students.
         5. Debrief - questions, clarifications
         6. Independent practice/homework
         DO's and DON'Ts
         1. DON'T miss the first 5 minutes of class when instructions are given.
             I will not repeat instructions to late students or students who were in the bathroom, not paying attention, etc...
             If you missed the instructions, follow the Agenda. 
         2. DO: Use the bathroom, get snacks, get water, etc... whenever you need, EXCEPT: 
             Don't be missing during the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes of class.
         3. DO: Ask questions if you don't understand something.
         4. DO: Have the Agenda opened up at the beginning of every class.  

    E. Electronic or Online Resources and Methods

        1. Microsoft Teams (ALL 8th grade US History classes)   Teams Quickstart Guide  
            a) Log on to TEAMS 
            b) Guide to using TEAMS for students/parents - Video 1, 2
            c) Cheat sheet for TEAMS
        2. Teacher's Website - Daily Lesson
        3. Individual Video Conferences (ZOOM/Teams): After 3pm (please schedule
            with the teacher)
    QTV Channel (Special announcements on YouTube Channel)
        5. How to...page
        6. Email Etiquette: Video 1    Video 2
        7. How to submit assignments in TEAMS:  video 1   article 1  2  
            How to write on a master slide in PowerPoint:
            a) A master slide is a slide that you can not edit or change.
            b) You CAN write on it by inserting text boxes in different locations. 
            c) Don't forget to save the slide when you are finished and upload to TEAMS.
            ***ALWAYS submit/turn in assignments in TEAMS on the same day
                  even if you are not finished. 
    TEAMS will wipe out your assignment

                  and you will lose all your work. If you submit it, I can return it so that
                  you can finish another day. 
        8. MCPS Online Learning Resources 
            NOTE - When using Platforms such as ZOOM/GOOGLE MEETS/TEAMS:
               Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions 
               utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  
               These recordings will only be used for educational purposes 
               and may be shared on other learning platforms.  
               If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, 
               utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.

        EXAMS - All exams are taken on Quizizz.com 
        (Make sure you are registered in the class - go to the sign-on page or ask the teacher)

    F. Follow all Marion County Code of Conduct (Spanish)/
    HAMO Rules-Hawk Expectations and Be Safe!
    1. No special effects (unless permitted for special cases/situations)
        2. Good lighting
        3. No head or face coverings
        4. Face centered in the video 
        5. Speak loudly, clearly   
      6. No inappropriate images, messages, or items in the background
        7. No audio interruptions, or other noises
        8. Avoid shaking or moving around too much
        9. Dress appropriately
        10. Position your camera so that it is at eye-level

        FOOD: You can eat whatever as long as it does not interefere with the class.
                    Do NOT interrupt class with questions about eating.

    G. Grades
         1. Assignments are graded periodically.
             It may take anywhere from a day to several days depending on the type of assignment.
         2. An asterisk (*) is NOT a missing assignment. A "0" IS a missing assignment. 
             An asterisk means any of several things: 
             - a new assignment that has just been posted but not collected yet
             - an assignment that has not been graded yet
             - a bonus assignment so it will be graded for only those who do it 
         3. Please do NOT ask "why did I get an F?" Click on the letter grade underneath
             the Quarter number and it will show you the individual assignment grades.
         4. Late assignments are accepted (better late than never). In some cases, if it is very late, 
             I might not go back to re-grade the assignment unless a student lets me know 
             that he/she re-did the assignment. 
         Good digital citizenship 
    H. Helpful Phone numbers/Websites: 
         1. Parent Technical Service Desk Helpline at 352.867.2100.  
             - This helpline operates Monday–Friday, 7:30AM-4:30PM
             Mr.Q's website: mysocialstudiesteacher.org
         2. Scofield's Google Classroom Idlubq5wj     
         3. Santana's Google Classroom Id:  i67nc4a
         4. Drazan's Library Page 

    I. Info for Parents:
        1. Preferred method of contact: emails. But I can also be reached via TEAMS messagwes.
            I teach in the evenings so if you text after 6pm, I may not be able to respond until the next day.
        2. I am not available to talk/text/answer emails during instructional time (7:30am-2:30pm).
        3. If you have questions about your child's grades, first check the individual assignment
            grades in Skyward.
        4. Please treat the student's online classes as if they were in school: avoid interruptions, 
            noise, absences, etc...
         Parent Newsletter and Resources

         Parent Technical Service Desk Helpline at 352.867.2100.  
         This helpline operates Monday–Friday, 7:30AM-4:30PM
         (They do not solve app issues like Google)

    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions 
    utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  
    These recordings will only be used for educational purposes 
    and may be shared on other learning platforms.  
    If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, 
    utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.