How To access your Khan Academy Classroom

  •  Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

    From now on your upcoming assignments and activities through September 9 will be given using the Khan Academy Platform. There are also some videos uploaded to review the skills again before you do your homewrok/assignment.

    To access your Khan Academy Classroom, follow these steps: 

    • To access your Khan Academy Classroom, follow these steps

      • Log into your Marion County Student Desktop 
      • From the menu at the bottom of the student desktop, locate the “Programs” tab and click on it.
      • After clicking on the “programs” tab, find the icon/tile  titled “Khan Academy". Then click on that “Khan Academy" icon. Do NOT google Khan Academy.
      • If Khan Academy logs you in automatically, then you already have an account. 
      • If Khan Academy does not log you in when you click on the tile, then click on "Log In" near the "top right" corner.
      • On the next screen, click on "Continue with Google" (at top) to sign in.
      • Use your Marion County student email to sign in. (Do NOT use your Gmail, Yahoo, etc email!  You must use your Marion County email)
      • Use your Marion County student password.
      • Then once you're signed in, look at the menu on the left side. Click on "Teachers" on the left side menu. Then click on "enter a class code" to join. (codes are below)
      • Enter your "class code". (Codes are below)
      • You should see a screen which says you are joining one of my classes.
      • If you registered correctly, click on TEACHERS from the left side menu. You should see my name under "Your Teachers"
      • Your assignments will appear ne the top left corner. (If you don't see any assignments, keep checking back later. I have to update the roster each time a student joins)
      • If you "right-click" on the Khan Academy tile (when you first sign it to the student desktop), you can choose "add it to favorites" that way it will be on your "home" screen on the student desktop each time you sign in.


    1st Period:  SRW39MNY

    2nd Period:  UMKUVH7C

    3rd Period:   R4BYRGF8

    4th Period:  W9DK4DG8

    5th Period:   4E2UU68Z

    6th Period:   H4M3HP6J


      After you follow the steps above, you will eventually receive a notification (It shows up by your name at the top right of the page.) You should then start receiving assignments soon if you followed the steps correctly. Also, an "assignments" tab will show up on the left side of the page and have the name of your class above it. If you don't see the assignments right away, it might be because I have to update the rosters. Log out of Khan Academy and check back later on in the day.


    Please do NOT do these:

    • Do not Google Khan Academy – use your MCPS-Student desk-top and click on the Khan Academy tile placed in your portal
    • Enter the code for your class / period. Then click the “Join the class” button (Do NOT join by searching the teacher's name).
    • Please do not sig-in by using nick names. Sign in by first and last name. (Example:  If your name is Jane P. Lopez sign in as "Jane Lopez" to earn full credit.  If you sign in with short names or nick names like just "Jane" or "Jane663"  not only you will not earn full credit but also your work not be counted.

    If you sign-in without using the code, you will not see the assigned work. If you sign-in correctly you will see your next assignment on the top right hand side corner next to your name!

       If you recently signed up for Khan Academy (In the past day or so), you might not see the assignment at first. Wait a bit and then log back in later. Khan Academy may need to be updated. I am checking student progress often and I update the rosters each time a student registers.    



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