• 2nd Grade Lesson Plans for Week of April 20-24, 2020


     Click here for the April 20-24 Check Off sheet to help you know if you have completed all of this week's assignments


    Each week you will have 3 Math assignments, 3 ELA assignments, 1 Social Studies, 1 Science assignment, and 1 Special Area assignment, plus iReady Math and Reading minutes, and reading books.   Also we have 1 Sanford Harmony conversation question in our Google Classroom each day.    This week I have also included some optional Math, Science and Social Studies assignments.  This week we have a Zoom call on Tuesday.   Please check your email for more information. 


    Sample Work Schedule:

    Monday- 2 1/2 hours: Math assignments (1 hour) and iReady Reading (45 minutes), Read (20 minutes), Music (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes)

    Tuesday- 2 1/2 hours: 2 Reading assignments (60 minutes) and iReady Math (45 minutes), Read (20 minutes), Music (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes)      

    Wednesday- 2 1/4 hours: Social Studies (1 hour), 1 Reading Assignment (30 minutes), Read (20 minutes), Music (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes

    Thursday-1 1/2 hours: Science (45 minutes), Read (20 minutes), Music (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes)

    Friday- 45 minutes+:  Read (20 minutes), Music (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes), Have time for any Extended or optional activities you would like to do

    Total time:  approximately 9 1/2 hours


    Math Standard: MAFS 2.MD.2.5 Use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve word problems involving lengths that are given in the same units by using drawings and equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the problem

    Assignment 1: Think Central ISE 8.5    Go to your Student Portal, to eTextbooks, to the Think Central tile to find this assignment

    Assignment 2: i-Ready workbook pages 215-216    Click here for iReady pages 215-218 for week of April 20-24 and pages 219-222 for week of April 27- May 1

    Assignment 3: i-Ready workbook pages 217-218

    OPTIONAL: Math workbook pages to go with this skill


    i-Ready: Complete 45 minutes of i-Ready Math each week.  Students get to i-Ready Math by signing into their portal. 


    ELA Standard:  LAFS.2.RI 3.8.Describe how an author uses reasons to support specific points in a text

    Assignment 1:  Phonics- PP.3 page 223  Click here for ELA Phonics assignments for April 13, April 20 and April 27 weeks

    Assignment 2: Writing- Write about your favorite animal. Provide details about your favorite animal   Click here for Favorite Animal Writing assignment

    Assignment 3: i-Ready Lesson 19 “Earwigs” page 312-313   Click here for the link to the "Earwigs" assignment

     Accommodation for students who cannot write:   The parent can type the sentences the student says into the email to the teacher. 


    i-Ready Reading:   Complete 45-60 minute of i-Ready Reading each week.    Note to Student:   You should be passing every test you take.   Pay close attention to the lessons.


    Independent Reading:  Read for 20-30 minutes each day.    Send your teacher a list of the books you read.   You can either send a list of what you read each day, or you can send a list one time a week of all the books you read that week.   If you read on MyON, you can just tell me that you read on MyON and I can look at your list online.   This is due by Friday each week. 


    Social Studies Standard: SS.2.A.2.7 Discuss why immigration continues today

    Social Studies Assignment: Go in your portal to Studies Weekly.  Do Studies weekly Week# 13 Changes for America Indians - Read the articles, answer the questions, and take the test


    Optional:  Complete the Seek and Find Worksheet  Click here for the OPTIONAL Seek and Find Social Studies Worksheet



    Science Standard:  SC.2.E.6.1:  Recognize that Earth is made up of rocks.  Rocks come in many sizes and shapes. 

    Science Assignment:  Go into STEMSCOPES on your Student Portal and take the Multiple Choice Assessment on Rocks.   TURN IN your test with the green button when completed.  

    OPTIONAL PAPER COPY OF THE TEST HERE IN CASE YOU WANT TO LOOK AT IT, but please fill it out on STEMSCOPES to be graded.   This is 10 pages long for 10 questions.   Rocks Multiple Choice 10 page test


    MUSIC ASSIGNMENTPlease go to Mrs. Morrow's website to get your Music Assignment, and turn that in to her email by Friday, April 24. 


    Submit pictures of your ELA and Math and Music assignments to your teacher’s email by Friday the 24th