• 2nd Grade Lesson Plans for Week of April 13-17, 2020


    Check off sheet for Parents and Students to know when they have completed all of this week's assignments- Click here for Student Parent Check off Assignment Sheet for April 13-17


    Also remember this week's Special Area assignment is PE.  See Scott Moyer's website for your PE assignment. 


    Each week you will have 3 Math assignments, 3 ELA assignments, 1 Social Studies, 1 Science assignment, and 1 Special Area assignment, plus iReady Math and Reading minutes, and reading books.   Also we have 1 Sanford Harmony conversation question in our Google Classroom each day.    This week I have also included some optional Math, Science and Social Studies assignments. 


    Sample Work Schedule:

    Monday- 2 1/2 hours: Math assignments (1 hour) and iReady Reading (45 minutes), Read (20 minutes), PE (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes)


    Tuesday- 2 1/2 hours: 2 Reading assignments (60 minutes) and iReady Math (45 minutes), Read (20 minutes), PE (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes)


    Wednesday- 2 1/4 hours: Social Studies (1 hour), 1 Reading Assignment (30 minutes), Read (20 minutes), PE (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes


    Thursday-1 1/2 hours: Science (45 minutes), Read (20 minutes), PE (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes)


    Friday- 45 minutes+:  Read (20 minutes), PE (15 minutes), Answer question in Google Classroom (5 minutes), Have time for any Extended or optional activities you would like to do


    Total for the week:  approximately 9 1/2 hours




    Math Standard: MAFS.2.MD.1.2Describe the inverse relationship between the size of a unit and number of units needed to measure a given object.   Example:  Suppose the perimeter of a room is lined with one-foot rulers.  Now, suppose we want to line it with yardsticks instead of rulers. Will we need more or fewer yardsticks than rulers to do the job?  Explain your answer. 


    Math Assignment 1: Use Different Forms of Measure;   Dear Family Worksheet p. 187-188; Read, and do the activity  Math Assignment 1 Link in English- Click here

                                                                                                                                                                                Matematica Espanol aqui

    Optional Math Assignment:  PowerPoint:  How Far Do You Think You Can Jump?    Read, and do the activity.   Math Powerpoint Link -Click here


    MAFS.2.MD.1.4- Measure to determine how much longer one object is than another, expressing the length difference in terms of a standard length.  For example:  The eraser measures 2 inches.  The small paper clip measures 1 inch.   What is the difference between the lengths?   You need to subtract.  2-1=1, so the eraser is 1 inch longer than the small paperclip. 


    Math Assignment 2 and 3:   ThinkCentral Online:  Interactive Lessons for 9.7 and 9.5   Go to the Student Portal to eTextbooks, and and the Think Central tile.   When you have completed these assignments, they will disappear from your child's list of assignments in Think Central.


     Optional Worksheets:   These worksheets were created for those who do not have Internet access, but I am including them here in case you want to look at the standard in paper form, or if your child would like to have EXTRA work (these are NOT required) to do on these standards.    OPTIONAL Math Workbook pages here for 9.7 and 9.5


    i-Ready Math: Complete 45 minutes of i-Ready Math each week.  Students get to i-Ready Math by signing into their portal. 





    ELA Standard:  LAFS.2.RL.2.6- Acknowledge differences in the points of view of characters, including by speaking in a different voice for each character when reading dialogue aloud.


    Assignment 1Phonics- Lesson 3.1 Page 17     Phonics worksheet link - click here

    Assignment 2: Writing- Write about your favorite toy. Provide details about your favorite toy   Writing Favorite Toy assignment- Click here

    Assignment 3: i-Ready Lesson 17 Pages 272-273 “Stage Fright”    ELA Stories for Weeks of April 13- May 1   This attachment contains "Stage Fright" for April 13-17, "Earwigs" for April 20-24, and "The Three Pigs and The Three Geese" for April 27-May 1

    Accommodation for students who cannot write:   The parent can type the sentences the student says into the email to the teacher. 


    I-Ready Reading: Complete 45-60 minute of iReady Reading each week.   


    Independent ReadingRead for 20-30 minutes each day.    Send your teacher a list of the books you read.   This is due by Friday each week.   If you are reading on MyON, you can just let me know that, and I can look at the books you have read on MyON.  





    Social Studies Standard: SS.2.A.2.6 Describe the importance of immigration from 1892-1954


    Social Studies Assignment Studies weekly Week#19 Celebrate America  - Take the test after you read the articles and answer the questions.   There is a link to this assignment in your Google Classroom, or you can access it on the Student Portal Studies Weekly Tile .


    Optional Assignment:   Online- Seek and Find Activity     OPTIONAL Week 19 Seek and Find Activity- Click here


    Sanford Harmony Conversations in Google Classroom- We have 12 out of our 17 students on Google classroom so far.   If you have not come in to our Google classroom yet, here is a Powerpoint to help you know how to sign up for Google Classroom.   Steps 6 and 7 are especially important.   How to Sign into Google Classroom- Click Here





    Science Standard:  SC.2.E.6.1:  Recognize that Earth is made up of rocks.  Rocks come in many sizes and shapes. 


    Science Assignment:  Go to StemScopes .   Find the Rocks Reading Science Passage Read the passage and answer the questions that are in the passage. 

    Turn in your Reading Science Assignment with the answers using the "Turn In" green button to your teacher’s email by Friday April 17th


    Optional Science Assignment:  Concept Attainment Quiz: Rocks


    Special Areas:  PE Assignment- See Scott Moyer's Teacher Website.   Turn in your assignment to him at scott.moyer@marion.k12.fl.us