• I've been grading your assignments. Please continue with your hard work!

    General Grading Guidelines for Distance Learning:

    1) I will provide feedback: posted comments and corrections to your documents (RED/PINK annotations).

    2) Returned work:

    -If you have a GRADE: please review/study the feedback, you DO NOT need to resubmit your work. If you have questions about your grade or content, please let me know.
    -If you DO NOT have a grade: something is wrong with your document. Read the comments on how to fix it, make the required corrections, and resubmit your paper for grading.

    3) You must have a grade for each assignment, or you're going to have a missing assignment in the grade book, and eventually, a 0%.

    4) Please be sure that you have attached a paper for grading (if it is a requirement of that specific assignment). I have been receiving lots of "Turned in" work with no attachments to grade, just blank documents. Please contact me if you have any questions on how to attach or submit documents.