• Practicing Word Problems !

    First, read the problem.girl reading  

                                                 Second, draw the problem.cat drawing


    Third, write the equation. 5 + 2 = ___

                                                 Fourth, solve the equation.chalk board




    *****Cooper was outside riding his bicycle. He jumped over 3 ramps on Saturday and 2 ramps on Sunday. How many ramps in all did Cooper jump over?_____Draw a picture to show your answer.

    bicycle  _____ + _____ = _____




    ****Piper and her brother and sister were climbing trees outside. If each person climbed one tree, how many trees in all did they climb?_____Draw a picture to show your answer.tree   _____ + _____ + _____ = _____



    ****Finn loves alligators. He had one alligator and for his birthday his teacher gave him five more,yes actual alligators ! How many alligators does Finn have all together? _____ Draw a picture to show your answer.

    alligtor      _____ + _____ = _____



    ****Mia and her sister have two horses. Their mom took one of the horses away. How many horses are left?_________

    Draw a picture to show your answer.

          horse         ______ - ______ = ______




     ****Mrs. Marino loves to hunt eggs. She found two eggs Friday and three eggs Saturday.


    egg egg Friday

    egg egg egg Saturday

    How many eggs did she find in all? __________

    Draw a picture to show your answer.  _____+ _____=_____