• Focus Board

    Wk 05/26/20 - 05/29/20

    Multiply Whole Numbers

    Standard: 5.NBT.2.5 Fluently multiply multi-digit numbers using the standard algorithm.

    Lesson Objective: Use the standard Algorithm to solve multi-digit multiplication problems with whole numbers.

    Essential Question: How can you use the standard algorithm to solve multi-digit multiplication problems with whole numbers?

    Vocabulary: distributive property, factor, product, partial products

    Check for Understanding: iReady Lesson 5, Quiz

    Science Simplified: Life Science

    Standard: 4.L.17.3 Trace the flow of energy from the Sun as it is transferred along the food chain through producers to the consumers.

    5.L.17.1 Compare and contrast adaptations displayed by animals and plants that enable them to survive in different environments such as life cycle variations, animal behaviors, and physical characteristics.

    Lesson Objective: 1. I can classify plants and animals. 2. I can describe the processes that help plants and animals survive in many environments. 3. I can demonstrate how energy moves through an ecosystem.


    Essential Question: 1. How can you classify plants and animals? 2. What processes help plants and animals survive in their environments? 3. How does energy move through an ecosystem?

    Vocabulary: producer, consumer, reproduction, flower, spore, cone, food chain, photosynthesis, hibernation, migration, adaptation, larva, pollen, embryo, life cycle, complete metamorphosis, incomplete metamorphosis, nymph, seed

    Check for Understanding: Evaluate page 5 of Life Science pdf