• 5 Helpful Things in Times of Crisis

    from the Love & Logic Institute Blog - April 2020 

    1. Kids take their emotional cues from us.
      They watch how we react and tend to follow our lead. But don’t worry...


    2. It IS Okay to Grieve.
      We are all grieving right now. There is tremendous loss and stress and it is not healthy too bottle it up.


    3. It is Okay to Be Honest.
      We don’t have to hide the hard truths from our kids or try to protect them from the hard reality. There is a balance between overwhelming them and pretending like nothing is wrong.


    4. Limits Are Still Important.
      We still need to be setting limits - with ourselves and our kids, especially around how we treat one another. Crisis does not make right and wrong disappear.


    5. Model Hope and Appreciation.
      So many people are working so hard to take care of others and to find solutions. This fact can be a source of hope. It can inspire appreciation and a willingness to do our part.



Last Modified on August 21, 2020