• Speech Language Therapy

Speech Activities at Home

  • 1. Speech Scavenger Hunt

    Using your child's speech sound, go on a Scavenger Hunt to look for items that have your students' speech sound! Look around your home or go on a walk outside. (example: /k/: cat, cookies, couch, candy, car, carpet) (example: /ch/: check, chair, cheese, chop, chapter, chimney, child)

    2. Sidewalk Chalk

    Go outside and practice speech sounds while making art! You could create your own hopscotch game with speech words, make your own life size board game with speech words, or simply draw and color speech words in the driveway. 

    3. Speech Basket Ball

    Make a DIY basket ball game from a small trash can and a small ball! Have your child practice a word that contains their speech sound. Help them say it 5 times before making a basket. Keep them motivated by making "trick shots" into the trash can.

    4. Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

    Print out pictures of words containing your child's speech sounds and tape them to the walls using painter's tape. Turn off the lights. Use a flashlight to find all of the pictures in the dark!