• If there is one toy in our classroom with which all the children love to play, it is the dinosaur models


    Toy dinosaurs are small and fit in a child's hand. But, you couldn't fit a real T-Rex in anyone's hand!

         Your child might find it fun and awesome to see how big real dinosaurs were, compared to their teacher.  While my pre-K students may think I am big, dinosaurs were so very big that I look just like a squirrel standing next to them! 

         Check out this gallery of full-size dinosaur models at "Dinosaur World" in Plant City, just east of Tampa to see just how small I am compared to T-Rex!

         If you "click on" each of the photos, new windows will open to take you on new learning adventures about dinosaurs, including the kids' favorite:  T-Rex!

  • Dinosaurs were pretty fast and maybe even seemed a little bit wild and crazy –– just like this fun "Dino Dance" that little kids love to do. It is perfect to practice and improve your child's gross motor skills, and burn off some of that extra "little kid energy"!


    (click the picture to dance, dance, dance!)

    Dino Stomp




    There are all sorts of dinosaurs in this book! Dinosaur roar, dinosaur squeak. Dinosaur fast, dinosaur slow. Dinosaur sweet, dinosaur grumpy.

    These dinosaurs are opposites!

    Let's practice reading in this rhyming dinosaur story! (click on the book.  It will open in an Internet window called Vimeo.)






    Little kids love to sing simple, cute songs.  This short video about dinosaurs is easy for children who are 3 and 4 years old to sing.

    Your child will love it as much as will you! This song will help your child learn math while learning about dinosaurs!  Just click on the number 10.  

        So, go ahead & get silly! Have fun singing with your favorite little student!  (click on the photo)


    10 Little Dinosaurs





    Little kids love T-Rex! It was my fave dinosaur, too! Was it yours?

    Learn a lot of things neither you, nor your child knew about the "King of Lizards!"  

    Just click on the picture & watch this cool video:   (click on the photo)


    T-Rex video