Attendance Procedure

  • Attendance is not required by the district but I will still post a question of the day if you want to correspond.


    Mrs. Grivas Homeroom: patricia grivas is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

    Topic: patricia grivas' Zoom Meeting
    Time: Jun 1, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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    Meeting ID: 860 9787 6593
    Password: 321pag

    4th GRADE DANCE PARTY 10:45

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    5/26 Tuesday: Join me on Zoom Mrs. Grivas homeroom at 9:30; everyone at 10:30

    5/27-5/29 Just say hi and add any comments you would like to share abour Science, Social Studies or Distance Learning.


    5/18 Monday: We've been learning about financial literacy and budgets. To help you plan a budget write down 2 things you really want and how much they cost. Over the week you will complete a way to manage a budget for things you want.

    5/19 Tuesday: Join me for a Zoom meeting at 9:30AM 

    5/20 Wednesday: What are some steps you would take to start saving toward your goal ( the things you want)?

    5/21 Thursday: What is an interesting fact that you learned about saving money? 

    5/22 Friday: Whay have you learned about Financial Literacy the past few weeks that you didn't know about before reading the artilcles and doing the tasks?


    5/11 Monday: Last week in Science you learned about seasonal changes. What is a plant or animal that you can compare that has different seasonal changes from the northern part of the country vs. Florida?

    5/12 Tuesday: When the weather gets cold (below 50) and the water temperature is below 60, where do the manatees in the Golf Coast go to conserve energy; "hybernate"?                                                                                  Hint:STEMscopes - Science Today - Watch It! Seasonal Changes of Florida Organisms.

    5/13 Wednesday: Living organisms get energy from food; in the food chain there are producers and consumers. Producers make their own food. Consumers can't make their own food. What is a producer? What do they need to make sugar for energy? 

     5/14 Thursday: What are the three types of consumers? What do they eat?

    5/15 Friday: What's the most interesting thing you learned in Science about "Energy in the Food Chain"?


    5/4 Monday: This week in Social Studies we are learning about Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are people who start new businesses. If you could start your own business what would it be? Why would you choose that business?

    5/5 Tuesday: Join me on Zoom! 

    5/6 Wednesday: What is one thing that could be risky to an entrepreneur?

    5/7 Thursday: What are some characteristics of entrepreneurs?

    5/8 Friday: What is the most interesting thing you learned about entrepreneurs or Milton Hershey?



    4/27 Monday: The judicial branch of the state government upholds the laws; this is the court system of the state. What is the highest court, how many people make up that court, who appoints those people, and how long do they serve?

    4/28 Tuesday: Join me for your Zoom lesson!!

    4/29 Wednesday: What are 3 living organisms that go through incomplete metamorphisis?

    4/30: Thursday: What are 3 livung organisms that go through complete metamophisis?

    5/1 Friday:  Employers are people or businesses that hire and pay you to do a job. A job is something you do to earn money.

                        If you could choose a job what would it be? Why?



    4/20 Monday: What was the most interesting thing you learned in STEMscopes about Behaviors, Traits and Adaptations?

    4/21 Tuesday: According to STEMscopes Picture Vocabulary - incomplete metamorphisis has 3 stages of development; what are they?

    4/22 Wednesday: According to STEMscopes Picture Vocabulary - metamorphisis has 4 stages of development; what are they?

    4/23 Thursday: According to this weeks Social Studies article, Florida's State Government vs. Local Government, What are 2 decisions the state governor makes?

    4/24 Friday: According to the Social Studies article, Florida's State Government vs. Local Government, What 2 governing bodies are a part of the municiple government?


    Each day I will post a question or statement for you to respond to. Please post by 8 PM.

    4/6 MONDAY: What's your favorite flower?

    You can email or Dojo your answer.

    4/7 Tuesday:What are the 3 states of matter? Hint-remember the root beer float experiment.

    4/8 Wednesday: What are the 3 types of rock?

    4/9 Thursday: What are the 3 braches of government?

    4/10 Friday: Who is in charge of each executive government level? State, country, city?

    Optional: Do you know their names?


    4/13 Monday: Write a sentence answering the question "Why would it be helpful for an animal to hide?" Hint- Review the picture vocabulary in STEMscopes.

    4/14 Tuesday: In STEMscopes/Stemscopedia- Behaviors, Traits and Adaptations- What 3 external adaptions are explained?

    4/15 Wednesday: What are some of the similarities in the giraffs? Are they inherited or adaptations? Use the Science Today - Watch it! assignment in STEMscopes to answer. 

    4/16 Thursday: Match the action to the corresponding description.

    Adaptation: any characteristics that help plants and animals survive in their environment.

    Traits: internal or external characteristics or features; examples-birds beaks, long necks, sharp teeth, strong sense of smell.

    Aquired traits: changes that occur from interaction with the environment.

    Learned behavior: changes made by an organism in response to it's environment.

    a. A bears thick fur keeps it warm.

    b. An animal with a limp or a scar.

    c. A dog rolling over.

    d. A panthers instinct to hunt.

    Answer using the underlined word Adaptation with the letter: Example- Adaptation-c Trait-_  Acquired- _ Learned- _ 

    4/17 Friday Choose an animal: What is an adaptation, trait, aquired trait, and learning behavior of that animal. You can use STEMscopes to get your information or google it.

    There are 2 interesting videos, Plant Adaptations and Animal Adaptations on; just google the site, type in Plant Adaptations and Animal Adaptations to watch. Let me know if you check them out and add any comments you would like to share. This is OPTIONAL!