• Assignment 1 - Google Sketchup Playground - Due 4/10/2020

    For the moment, I do not plan on having you download any programs like Autocad for any assignments. However, I do plan on creating some things using an online browser based drawing program called "Google Sketchup." It's completely free, but it also has paid versions that professionals actually use in the real world. The link below will take you to the free version launch page.


    UPDATE: If the link above doesn't work for you, then you are going to need to download Google Sketchup as a separate program here:


    You are looking for Sketchup Make 2017 at the bottom of the "English" section.

    When you click the link, you should be able to click the "blue button" that says "start modeling." This will bring you to an in browser CAD program that will be kind of familiar to you.


    Playground - DUE 4/10


    You are going to go thru the "01 Quick Start" Lessons to create the playground below.



    When following along, keep in mind that the instructor is using the desktop version of the program, not the browser version, so things may be SLIGHTLY different.