• You may do the assignments in any order. Remember that the listed assignments are for the entire week!


    • I- Ready   Do the assigned lesson first, then complete your 45 minute session
    • Barefoot Mailman  (if you are on Zoom) Graphic organizer to be posted
    • My On   Go on MyOn, go to Projects   Click on  Life Cycle   Read Book Take quizzes, do graphic organizer
    • AR Reading 20 minutes per day
    • Writing Prompt  see link  Source 1,Source 2Source 3
    • Prompt: What are some of the benefits of going to Summer Camp?   5 paragraph informational


    • Ii Ready Do the assigned lesson first, then complete your 45 minute session
    • Think Central Animated Math Models Lessons 40 and 41
    • Klee Cat Project (if you are on Zoom) rubric to be postedPowerpoint--you can also look on YouTube for Paul Klee Cat and Bird
    • For those of you not on Zoom, an alternative lesson will be posted here on TuesdayKlee Project


    • StemScopes  Assigned Lessons   Under Explain go toStemScopedia Read all materials, answer questions--these DO NOT need to be turned in
    • StemScopes  Optional Do these IF you would like.   Under Elaboration Simulations for Insects and Metamorphosis
    • Project    Mini Poster    Draw a diagram of the Life Cycle of a frog or insect (notebook paper size) Label and color. If you are on Zoom, we will do a gallery walk on Friday, if are not, please send me a picture of your poster to my email

    Social Studies

    • Read SS Weekly Week 3   all sections
    • Do the questions to earn coins
    • Watch all bonus videos
    • Take the test that has been assigned---this is for a grade!